So we’re now in the airport
All getting ready to go
Peggy’s wearing last year’s “travel dress”
But, only Shannan knows

E.T. Is talking free diving
Going down without a tank!
And Corgie’s burning up the place
Hot flashes are to thank!

Bill has got no leg room
Abbey feels his pain
But with the current state of travel
His predicament will stay the same

Louise is meeting Heidi
For the first time over the seas
So why does each one seem to think
The other is Denise?

Scott keeps bashing women
He thinks he has the right
I’m not interested in his grief
I’m ready for a fight!

We’re almost all checked in
When Judson turns to say
My bag is totally missing
I won’t survive a day!

Scott was kind to Judson
He loaned him clothes and suits
But Judson’s lost a bunch of weight
And so they fell off his boot (tay)

Now it is getting very late
Friends are seeking snacks
And there’s a rat-a great big rat
Though he’s not on attack

Jud says it’s a mongoose
Corky cracks up- just falls apart
No way that was a goose-she says
I know rats by heart!

Wayne told us of the Philippians
The live aboard they rode
And the little Pilipino girls
Who up his back they strode

Bruce and Suzanne had just arrived
From Panama they came
A little suspicious if you ask me
But good divers all the same

Barb wants lemon aid drinks for all
But all she gets is Sprite
Louise asked the bar for lemon aid
And then they got it right!

Shannan took a header
Jeff, he called for help
Wayne he came and saved the day
Shannan never yelped!

Peggy’s dancing round the floor
Jeff is by her side
Peggy danced with Shannan too
The chairs just seem to glide

The Cuban music is so loud
It has a lovely beat
And Evan can’t sit still at all
His family is on their feet!

Our group is on the Galaxy
Diving with Jeremiah and Louise
The other boat has good peeps too
But we’ve got “double Louise”

We’re about to dive our second day
George is no longer here
And Dustin and Trevor were out late last night
Drinking too much beer

The boats are filled with oranges
To cleanse and relieve the taste
To help with that ugly look you get
With plastic in your face

Fawn has come to join us
Adventure and smiles she brings
Although she cannot dive right now
She can shop and snorkel and things

Chad is jumping ship today
He knows the Galaxy’s more fun
With Gumby, Pokey and pink hula gals
Our boat is number 1!!!

The lion fish dive is today
Everyone point and shoot
We’ll clear the waters of those mangy fish
And never will pollute

Lizards are mating right here
In the sun outside our door
Hot for each other oh dear
They seem to want more and more

What’s with this bottle under the sea
That says “experiment”
Who knows what the fish are asked to do ??
And where the scientist went?!!

Louise and Shay in the infinity pool
Studying compass work
Perhaps they should ask Jeremiah
Oh don’t – he can be a jerk

Cayman bags are being filled
With trinkets to remember our trip
And Jurgen got in for free
When with the dolphins he took a dip

Lynn and Scott are diving this trip
From the exact same boat
They seem so pleased with themselves
But they don’t like to gloat

Jud’s diving mask is screwing up
It just can’t seem to link
It may as well be playing cartoons
At least that’s what I think

We’ll take the big boat into town
And we’ll ride the bridge that floats
We’ll shop and eat and sweat in heat
And then return by boat

Diving has been spectacular
Ken and James agree
Nicole has had a lovely time
Diving with Tylea

Gail’s been watching Evan
So Jen and Brent can play
Joanne and Carol keep diving
More and more each day

Diane and Steve were diving the wreck
When the tattoo girl was coming by
And so they figure prominently in film
And didn’t even try!

Victoria, Eric, and Perry
All chose not to dive
But rested and ate to recuperate
And then they all did thrive

Charles was a beginner
But he learned fast and wow
By the end of the week
He had learned a lot -somehow!

Shannan was learning a lot too
She tested while we were there
And now she’s a advanced diver
And has a patch to wear

Our week is wrapping up
We’re ready to go back
We’ll ski and ride and all hang out
Until it’s time to pack . . . . . . . again

Author – J. Allen