Have you always wanted to learn scuba diving? Find out how you can easily start exploring coral reefs and exotic locations with quality scuba diving training. Learn more about the physical requirements, training, and equipment necessary to get ready for your first unforgettable dive.

What Does It Take To Get Started Scuba Diving?

Thankfully, almost everyone can learn to scuba dive. There are a few prerequisites in terms of age and health. Individuals should be at least eight to learn how to scuba dive, and many trainers prefer children to be 10 or 12 before they start diving.
Certain health issues, such as asthma and ear equalization issues, can make it difficult and dangerous to scuba dive. Discuss your health with a certified scuba instructor and your doctor to find out if you’re ready to take on a dive.
Divers must also be able to pass a basic swimming test. This includes basic floating, swimming, and other skills. Once you can pass the test, you’re ready to start your scuba diving training course.

Choose a Scuba Diving Course

There are many exciting diving courses to get you ready for your first trip. Whether you need to refresh your skills or learn the basics for the first time, a qualified trainer can help you go over the skills and help you receive basic scuba diving certification.
Most courses go over the basics of diving, the equipment you need, and important safety features. At A-1 Scuba, our courses take place in our state-of-the-art facility to help you get wet as you practice breathing with an oxygen tank and basic features of scuba diving.

Buy or Rent Dive Gear

Obviously, you need scuba gear to dive. Your scuba diving course should go over the basic equipment you’ll need and even assist you in gathering your gear. Here are some basics that you won’t want to miss:

  • Scuba mask
  • Fins
  • Snorkel
  • Regulator
  • Wetsuit

Our A-1 Scuba location has a shop and repair team to prepare you for your first dive. Buy, rent, or repair your gear at our comprehensive facility. We’ll fit you out with everything you need and assist you in comparing leading brands and designs.
Wetsuits should fit snug, so it’s a good idea to purchase a wetsuit in our store to ensure a proper fit. Suits come in a range of neoprene thicknesses, so you’ll need to consider the temperature of your first dive when picking out a suit.
Oxygen tanks, regulators, masks, and fins all come in a range of shapes and sizes. Work with a qualified team to select the gear you need for your first trip.

Practice Simple Skills With an Instructor

Your first course should cover all the basics you need to get started. Be sure your instructor covers how to gear up, essential hand signals, buoyancy tips, and safety features while diving. You may not be ready to dive on your own with just one course, but you should feel comfortable to go out with a team on a scuba dive trip.

Get Certified

We’ve been training scuba divers since 1959. Certification is essential for safe diving, so work with our experienced team to get certified for your first trip. Certification includes basic knowledge and hands-on dive experience in an enclosed facility and open water.

Join a Class Today

Gear up and get excited about your first scuba diving experience. Contact us at A-1 Scuba to learn how to start scuba diving. Book a course today to learn the ropes and prepare for your first trip to a dream location or your own neighborhood beach for an unforgettable dive. Scuba diving is the perfect way to experience the thrills of coral reefs, sea life, and a whole underwater world up close.

Photo Credit by Dudarev Mikhail