HSA/A-1 Scuba Instructor Qualification Course

Handicapped Scuba Association Scuba Instructor Course in Denver

HSA TrainingThank you for your interest in our Handicapped Scuba Association Instructor Qualification Course. This program is filled with fun, challenges and loaded with information.  It’s sure to open your mind and guaranteed to open your heart.

What You’ll Learn

During this three-day course, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience to safely and effectively assist, train and certify divers with disabilities. The training you receive will be like nothing else you’ve ever done before.

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Day 1 – 8 am to 5 pm

We’ll begin by meeting your fellow candidates and collect the various document (see below).  Then we’ll start digging into the many aspects of the HSA program including open discussions on various disabilities, Performance Standards, classifications and the unique certification procedures of the HSA. After that, we’ll head to the pool to begin roleplaying and skills training.  You’re guaranteed to discover the meaning of trust, confidence, expectation, reliance, and dependence.

Day 2 – 8 am to 5 pm

We’ll wrap up the knowledge development portion of the course as well as the remaining pool exercises.

Day 3 – 7:30 am to 3 pm

Here’s your chance to apply the techniques you learned in the pool in an Open Water environment at the Denver Downtown Aquarium. Once again, you’ll be working in buddy teams and performing several of the skills learned in the swimming pool. As in the pool, you’ll be playing the role of a disabled diver and as a dive buddy.

Please note that the starting and ending times are subject to change

Prerequisites, Forms, and Performance Requirements

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  • You must be a certified assistant or higher from a recognized training agency
  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Be fit for diving and complete a Diver Medical/Participant Questionnaire for diving stating that you are medically fit to dive. If you answer YES to specific questions on pages one and two of the form you will need to see a physician and have them complete a standard scuba diving medical form stating that you are medically fit to dive. Please bring your completed Medical Form (signed by a physician if necessary) to the first class.
  • Complete the Course Registration and Liability Release
  • Complete the Instructor Training Course Application
  • Complete the Inherent Hazards and Risks of Diving Activities

IMPORTANT  – When completing the Diver Medical/Participant Questionnaire

  1. If there is a YES response to questions 3, 5, or 10 on page 1 of the Diver Medical form or to ANY of the questions on page 2, the participant will need to sign and date the Participant’s Signature on page 1 AND take all three pages of the Participant Questionnaire and Physician’s Evaluation Form to their physician for a medical evaluation.  Their physician must approve, date, and sign the form to include an MD or DO with their signature.  We are not permitted to accept the signature of a PA or Nurse Practitioner. 
  2. There are two questions related to COVID-19 – If you answer them with a YES, “A PHYSICIAN’S MEDICAL EVALUATION IS REQUIRED.”  You must make sure the physician signing the form checks the “Approval” box on page three of the form and adds their medical credential MD or DO after their name. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Unfortunately, you’ll not be able to begin the water session until all of the documents have been completed, collected, and reviewed for accuracy.    

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  • Attend all classroom, confined and open water segments of the course
  • Participate in all role-playing segments in the confined and open water
  • Complete and pass the final exam (Note: this is an open-book exam and conducted as a group)

2021 Course Dates

  • Sept 25, 26 & 27

Course Fee


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  • All classroom instruction
  • All confined water (pool) training
  • HSA Instructor Manual
  • HSA Cue Cards (Confined and Open Water)
  • HSA Registration fee
  • Use of tanks and weights
  • Tanks and weights will be provided for the pool and Aquarium dives


  • Pool and Open Water (Mask, fins, snorkel, and Octopus Alternate Air Source)
  • $125 Entry fee for open water training dives at the Denver Downtown Aquarium (includes the use of ALL equipment)
  • Parking fee at the Downtown Aquarium

And Finally

The key to your success is to be sure and come prepared, willing to learn new skills and information and have a desire to have a great time.

Here’s your chance to challenge yourself, sharpen your personal skills and introduce a special group of people to the wonderful sport of scuba diving. It is sure to open your eyes and maybe even your heart.


HSA Scuba Instructor

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Where to begin…I cannot express to you my gratitude for facilitating the course that we went through this past weekend. The dedication and passion that you brought to this course was amazing beyond words…I attempted to explain to my wife and family what is was that I just experienced and became very emotional upon my reflection. One cannot understand the emotion and sense of pride of accomplishing this course unless they go through it and my heartfelt thank you to each of you. Even though we have just met, I feel a special bond with each of you and hope that may continue to grow!

At work, I am attempting to get things done but cannot keep from reflecting on the whole weekend and sharing my experience with my co-workers as best as I can explain…I cannot keep thinking about the trust we placed in each other in the course and hope that someday I may be able to instill that trust in others of me.

I look forward to seeing you both again soon and would love to continue this journey that has just begun…Thank you both!

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