Extended Range (XR) Courses

Extended Range – Go Beyond

The Extended Range courses cater to enthusiastic divers and equip them with the necessary skills to enjoy the thrill of tec diving. By enrolling in these courses, divers can explore greater depths, distances, and push beyond their personal boundaries with confidence.

Diver underwater representing the SSI Extended Range Foundations program

XR Specialties – Foundations

The SSI Extended Range Foundations program provides you with an opportunity to enhance your advanced diving skills in a workshop environment. Learn more about using tec diving gear with any total diving system you are certified to use and build upon your basic skill set to master buoyancy, trim, finning techniques, positioning, and communication.

Recreational Sidemount Diver

XR Specialties – Recreational Sidemount Diver

With sidemount diving, the cylinders move from your back to your side. Transportation of cylinders topside is then much easier, which may be donned before or after entering the water, eliminating problems of carrying heavy loads in or out. Redundant gas supply increases bottom time and adds an extra level of safety to the dive, essentially doubling your dive time. Sidemount diving provides added stability with the cylinders on the side of the body, and it is an alternative way to streamline in the water, easier to “trim out,” and the diver has the ability to monitor all their equipment because it’s right in front of you. Additionally, sidemount is a great configuration for traveling divers, as the gear is often capable of fitting into a small backpack!