Introducing Our New Travel Agent

Keith grew up in Nebraska. In his early years in the Navy he served as a air craft fire fighter aboard the air craft carriers USS Coral Sea and  USS Constellation.  He later worked in Colorado and California for many years as a travel agent.  While in California he decided to become a PADI Scuba […]

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7 Awesome Scuba Diving Tips for Beginners

Tips for The Beginner Scuba Diver

Scuba diving is a fantastic exercise for both the body and mind. Many people are intrigued by the countless benefits this activity offers but hesitate to get involved with the hobby. We’ve compiled a short list of tips and tricks to make your introduction to scuba diving quick and painless. 1.) Try it Out! A […]

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Top 6 Signs of a Serious Diving Injury

NOTE: Article originally posted by Diver’s Alert Network and can be accessed directly here. Diving is a physical activity so it’s not unusual for divers to experience muscle soreness or other post-dive discomfort. But sometime those aches and pains are signs of a serious medical problem. Recognizing the early signs of decompression sickness (DCS), heat […]

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