I love the vacation that’s coming
As we prepare to go
Of course we’re headed diving again
Off the coast of Mexico!

Rosco joined us this year
He is a friend of Jan and Jacks’s
He lives life in the fast lane
No time for looking back!

Although the sun is barely up
We’re starving-that is true!
Dawn, she got McDonalds food
And the grease, it soaked right through

I met a gal named Libby
Her shirt is just like mine!
We’re both wearing blue from A-1
She brought Rob along this time

Scott was frantic at DIA
He yelled for us to move along
It wasn’t till much later on
He discovered his watch was wrong!

Lynn, she came down early
To use up points for air
Leaving Scott to struggle a bit
But he says he doesn’t care

Here we are at Cozumel
I remember it all so well!
The dive sites are spectacular
The humidity bad as hell

Phil and Danny came again
Danny’s growing up
Facial hair- grunts and groans
Every now and then a puff

Jud is playing Sherpa
Due to Julie’s ailing back
He won’t complain-too good for that
He may just need a nap

Chad and Becky Walker
Came to dive and eat and shop
But Chad’s a daredevil through and through
And that has got to stop!

Jack is Mr Fix it!
With hoses and tools and pride
He feels a sense of accomplishment
It shines from deep inside

Nan and John have brought the boys
They’ve grown since we last met!
The way they eat- I’ve seen their plates
They’ll be giants yet!

Jan and Debbie are panicked
There’s no Mt Dew around!
They’re taking deep relaxing breaths
Then heading into town

The Steiner clan is back again
With tiny Tuck in tow
This year he rides at Perry’s feet
And tells him where to go

Oh gosh- what’s that l’m hearing
A laugh as loud as can be!
Filled with joy and wonder
It’s Krista by the sea!

Shannan hit 100 dives
Everyone was so kind
They hugged her and they clapped so loud
And a mirror signed!

Other divers hit records
Personal bests galore
Like Eric, Estelle, and Rob
We keep coming back for more!!

Bill is having bad luck
His equipment is on the blink
And Abby saw the light up toys
And gave Big Bill a wink!

Carol is our hero
She rocked the whole darn place
She brought a ramp,and night dive toys
And just shook up the place

I’m not sayin it’s easy
But Carol makes it so
She “gets it!” That’s the best part
She helps make it just so

Peggy wore her tux
It really makes her shine
She is always fixed just so
Perfect every time

We sure loved our time
Getting to know and love Fawn
From late night pizza dives
To airplanes at the crack of dawn

Andy is with Estelle
Sue has Andy too
I’m trying hard to learn the names
What else can I do?

There’s a turtle out beside the pool
We’re going to name him Sun
He smiles at everyone around
Then hides ,cause rain is no fun

We saw some sharks on this trip
Three, or four, or five
George was almost attacked by one
He’s lucky to be alive

We dive at Villa Blanca
Palancar and Yucab and more
We saw the fish, the octopus
The coral and life near shore

Yours truly – Julie