Bonaire 2011

I can’t believe it’s time again
Bonaire Island here we come
To dive your sparkling waters
And enjoy your shinning sun

Here we are in Houston
The planes are running late
We tried to eat and rest a while
But anxiety was our fate

“Stiff-neck-ian” Scott has disappeared
Seeking treatment for his pain
While Carol, in her flaming glasses
Appeared to go insane!

Louise, she had a flashing toy
And put it down her pants!
People screamed and pointed
Louise continued to dance!

On the concourse, dancing round
Were tiny panda feet
And LOVING shoes, as we girls do,
We all thought they were neat!

Professor Disarray
Had no idea that he was so cool
He walked around, clutching mom
And then began to drool

Finally, we’re on the plane
Some rested some were bored
But mostly people drifted off
Some people even snored!

Upon awakening -there we saw
The Flamingo Air – 0 – port
From there it’s hardly a stone’s throw
To the Famous Plaza Resort

There are a LOT of us this year
To dive, support, and enjoy
Friends, Family and Confidants
And the hearts of 2 little boys

So many new friends are here
Doing their own thing
Sharon swims laps in the ocean
Carol tries to sing

Give me a Tag!  Give me a Tag!
I’m going to dive the Park!
I’ll dive it in the mornings
And I’ll dive it after dark.

Pat and Mike are hiding
Wearing hats to shield their face
Cindy and Jack are in the ocean
More than ANY other place!

Griff is hanging with Will
They’re sophisticated and so nice
Some people just don’t recognize
Those people should just look twice

The Steiner Clan is back
To dive and see the town
They smile and chat with everyone
They’re fun to have around!

Heather is distressed
She’s going to lose her home
She’s focused now on diving
But soon she’ll have to roam

Chad is here from Florida
His wife, Julie, joined him too
Three years to go in the sunshine state
Then back  to Denver – Woo Hoo!

Diana was delightful
Friendly in every way
But when Stephen was off diving . . . .
Diana said, “No Way!”

Later in the week
As Diana became brave and strong
She took a blowing bubbles class
And – then she came along!!! – Yea Diana!!

50 is a terrific number
When diving  in the sea
Terrific for Dave, and Corky, and  Wayne,
Amanda, Steve, Barb, and Gary.

“JaVol,” cried George – everyday
as we were set to dive
With stories of grandma and former lovers
the dive sites came alive!

“What’s that up there?” I say
2 Flamingos flying by
in perfect bird formation
silhouetted on a perfect sky!

Greg – I think you’re burning!
Your face and cheeks are pink!
“It can’t be! I’ve used sunblock!”
“It doesn’t work . . . I think!”

Scott – you’re such a HERO!
Playing football with the kid
But smashing him with the ball
Oh yea! It must have slid!

It’s ok – It’s ok
Jen’s got him in a hug
He loves to play rough with the boys
But mom can hold him snug!

Lynn? What’s this?  You’re changing boats?
Don’t love us anymore?
So now Louise has access to Scott
She wants to even the score!

I don’t know what their feud is?
They play and laugh a lot.
It’s fun to watch and participate
in such a sunny spot!

Jon Michelle Cousteau in a suit
Of bright and shiny grey
We spoke in French and laughed a lot
Making jokes ‘bout him all day

Louise, she is my daughter
Had her when I was six
Not sure how that happened?????
Housekeeping is playing tricks!

The Eppings are our new friends
The Fullers – they’re cool too!
We’ve got their e-mails and their hearts
We’re bound to them like glue!

Oscar – this is his first trip
He’s timid of us all
I think he thinks we’re crazy
But we just have a ball!

Wreck diving at the Hooker
Sunken by the shore
Some of us ran out of air
Others came back for more

Corky laughs and we all smile!
It’s hard to look away!
Wayne, her brother or husband
Likes her just that way!

Shannan, the Adventure Diver,
Hanging with Louise
Working on the “Boat” and “Night” dives
And working on P.P.B.’s

Julie’s just enjoying the trip
Relaxing and loving the rest
Let the “Boys” lift this and that
No sense being distressed

Now we’re out to dinner
The whole crowd is around!
Poor Jud’s head almost got swallowed
By the Biggest Mahi Mahi in town!

Wendy’s scarred with bug bites
They’re eating her alive
Jeff’s ready to dive again
In the water – he does thrive!

Rita needs to use it
I’m not kidding . . .  . NOW!
Jeff’s already in the water
Figure it out somehow.

Gary is swimming effortlessly
His diving is divine
But Christian got a little worried
People throwing his dad overboard all the time

Bruce was quiet and so nice
Just on the other boat
I’d like to know him better
But our locations were remote

Thank you Lynn and Scott
A good time was had by all
Even Dave’s mom, Linda,
Smiled through it all

And still we’re all chit-chatting
About the next time . . . . . WHEN
For a week in summer
We’ll do it all again!

Love ya all!