We’re headed back to Cozumel
with dive buddies in tow
It’s a place of special memories
from just two years ago

Heidi’s a seasoned traveler
her bag is rather large
So she leaves it at the gate check
where she knows there’ll be no charge

Nicole’s arriving later
she took a straight-through flight
That way she surely avoided
getting up in the middle of the night

Corky’s loud and rowdy
she has lots of fun on the plane
While a second floor room – overlooking the pool
is perfect for her buddy, Wayne

Looking at the data dive masks
Jud tried hard to explain
“Louise, they do NOT come with cable –
Should we go over this again?”

The Tango boat is broken!
our chariot – our ride
But we are fickled divers
and we’ll take it all in stride

Greg, My God, What happened
there is so much blood
9 stitches later and you’re home
Don’t worry – you still got your bud

Dave’s an exhibitionist
Is this his darker side?
He finds it very funny
but Val is mortified

We used to LOVE Hotel Cozumel
they catered to our needs
But the new owner finds ramps unsightly
and we just disagree

It’s hard to be safe and secure
as we climb on to the boat
Someone really should tell them
wheel-chairs just don’t float

Nicole, my gosh you’re freezing
Corky and Wayne, they helped out
4 more blankets for her room
dat’s what I’m talking about

Carol’s got a complex
don’t know how it started
She’s been thrown off a boat and van
Wonder if she farted?

It’s a long, long ride to Palancar
we hope the diving’s great
We’re off the boat and in the sea
we don’t hesitate

The fish are truly amazing
there are big turtles galore
I want to take some time to reflect
and then I’ll dive some more

Max is in his senior year
he probably knows it all
We’ll see how he does later
on the Santa Rosa Wall

Mary isn’t diving
just her daughter and her man
But she seems to be intrigued
and will study SCUBA when she can

Sharon is back again
positive as can be
Ready to retire and now
and move to Grand Junction City

There are crazy jumping frogs
upon our window sill
Waiting for just the right time
a massive moth to kill

EBF’s are everywhere
swimming too and fro
It’s code for Eitty Bitty Fish
in case you didn’t know

We also saw some PF’s
they’re quite easy to spot
The purple color gives them away
I think purple’s hot

Lisa’s got Louise’s Toaster
with huge numbers on her wrist
To keep her from bobbing up and down
so the dive masters don’t get pissed

3 boats came every morning
to our crowded little pier
So Louise tried to encourage Jose
“8:15 – please be here!”

Okay, Okay said poor Jose
I will make it so
He showed up at 8:15
But no one was set to go!

Ducks were in the safe
squawking up a storm
Louise had thrown her phone in the safe
and off went the alarm!

Peggy’s got a suit with Zombies
Gary’s shirt has sharks
Carol and Steve have funny “hairy” legs
to dive with after dark

Steve and Diana have been diving
so many times a day
She’s too tired to go to Nandos
Scott and company can be on their way

Another night it’s shrimp
of the popcorn variety
Please don’t offer that to Louise
or the epi pen she’ll need

Nathan, you may be new
to diving as a sport
But you’re not new to helping folks
at least that’s Scott’s report

It’s really not a problem
for you to join our group Estelle
We’re sort of like a family
by now you know that well

So many new-bee’s diving
Max & Val, Wayne & Neil,
Anna, Nate, Tim, & Michelle
Diving’s got appeal

Monica’s learning to dive for Bill
Jamie and Lisa for family
Diving’s a sport for young and old
and ESPECIALLY for family

Shannan’s helping to train
and Bruce is ready to learn
He helps her to descend
and helps her to return

Carol’s boat divers went in
and rose a short 5 minutes later
The dive site was too dangerous
Don’t be a strong current hater

What’s that big white bug
sitting on Bruce’s face!
A little smooch from a nasty bug
and the server put it in it’s place

Prima’s dinner is tasty
wishing we could join everyone
We love the people whom we’ve met
but we’re still missing some

The singer, with guitar in hand,
went from table to table
Singing “Da Coloras” and
“One Ton Tomato”

Rest day? Rest day?
What’s that all about?
Sleep in, buy a T-shirt
hang by the pool and shout

Dave’s still out there diving
Scott’s on a big boat too
Steve is pouting around the pool
without diving he feels Blue

Tom and Brenda are hoping
to make a program of their own
Hopefully the Courage Center
will call Minnesota home.

Spent some time with Joann
she and Gene are neat
It would be fun to live here
but alpaca’s can’t stand the heat

Next year it’s the Cayman’s
Shay’s graduation to celebrate
I’m hoping it also turns out
to me my retirement date.

Until we meet again.