Have you ever notice some of your pictures have turned out blurry and you just can’t seem to figure out why? You have checked all the settings and they seem to be correct. “Recently on a dive trip, I started watching people take pictures and noticed that occasionally when depressing the shutter button their hand would move downward”, states Shane Taylor, General Manager and videographer. “Because the lens is sensing the movement, it isn’t quite sure what to focus on so therefor……a blurry picture. I even noticed on myself when I was taking video, because of the positioning of the record button, I was tilting the camera downward when I would start to record. It is extremely important that when you are taking digital underwater pictures, land pictures or even video, you keep your hand steady when depressing the shutter or record button.”

It is amazing the simple things with taking pictures that can improve your shot. Next time you are taking a picture, test yourself. It may make the difference in your photography and getting that perfect picture.