Q-tips, good or bad?

Many divers choose to use a Q-tip to aid in cleaning or prepping their camera system. It’s a very tempting “tool” that seems as though it can cause little harm, I mean, how can it right? Well in reality a Q-Tip can leave behind many small hard to see strands of fibers. These fibers may get trapped in the o-ring groove or even attach themselves to the o-ring. When this happens, the possibility of flooding your camera system just became very likely.

Better Alternatives

Eye shadow applicators: These resemble a Q-tip but rather than loose spun fibers, they have a soft spongy rounded tip. They work great for reaching the o-ring groove that is difficult to fully clean and are great at absorbing small drops of water in that same groove area.

Make-up or foundation sponge: These usually come packaged with 8-10 sponges and can be round, square or triangular. They are ideal for cleaning the o-ring areas and very soft. They are usually white in color so it’s easy to see if they become dirty. Using them is simple and effective.

Both the items listed are easy to find and inexpensive. Look in the make-up section of your local drug store.