Our A-1 Group just returned from an incredible trip of touring and diving in Thailand. Fun and adventure was had by all, including a visit to the floating market, the famous reclining Buddah and the magnificent temples of Bangkok. Next stop was Chiang Mai arriving on the Thai New Year for the Water Festival celebration. What that means is you better be prepared to be drenched with water from sun up to sun down. The locals were ready to drench you with buckets, coolers and massive squirt guns or anything that would hold water as they rode up and down the streets in the back of their pick-up trucks ready to give you a good soaking.

Other highlights were visiting the Temple on the Hill in Chiang Mai, the elephant training camp to ride the Asian elephants to the hill tribe village, finishing the day with petting adult tigers and a two month old baby tiger.

We were then on our way to Phuket to board our diving vessel for a week on the Oriental Siren. Wow! What a beautiful ship with polished wood interior, open air dining and the largest rooms of any dive vessel we have ever been on.

The diving was mesmerizing with beautiful soft corals, more anemones and clown fish than you can imagine, mating cuddle fish, sea horses, a leopard shark, encounters with giant manta-rays and an awesome wreck dive.

It was a wonderful trip and oh, by the way, lots of souvenirs were purchased along the way. From jewelry to clothing and everything in between. The night bazaars were a lot of fun.

The best part was all the new friendships we made and the lasting memories!