The right gear can make all the difference between a bad day in the water and a dive beneath the waves that you’ll never forget. Once you have your open water scuba lessons and certifications under your belt, it’s time to stop by our on-site store and get the gear we recommend to enjoy your scuba hobby.

The Basics

A-1 Scuba and Travel Aquatics Center

Mask: We suggest choosing a mask that fits comfortably and offers a considerable field of view. If you wear glasses, be sure to choose a mask designed to accept prescription lenses.

Fins: You want fins that have a blade size sufficient to propel you through the water at the speed you want to travel.

Snorkel: A snorkel that’s the perfect length and is fitted with a comfortable mouthpiece is something we won’t leave home without. Be certain to choose one with a water-blocking device that closes it when you dive below the waves.

Regulator: One of the most important pieces of equipment in any dive bag, choose a regulator that has a reputation for reliability and ease of operation.

Wetsuit: A well-fitting wetsuit keeps you warm and comfortable on your dive. Choose a suit that has the right neoprene thickness for the water temperatures you want to dive in.

SPG Gauge: This gauge tells you how much air you have left in the tank. It’s a lifesaving piece of equipment, so we strongly suggest choosing a gauge that’s easy to read and has a reliable safety rating.

Popular Add-Ons

Dive Computer: A dive computer makes it easy to track your dive without having to consult dive tables, depth gauges, etc.

Cutting Tool: No diver should ever go beneath the waves without a cutting tool. It can help untangle a diver from everything from fishing nets to stubborn seaweed.

Dive Light: Whether you are peeking under coral or looking into a shipwreck, a dive light makes it easy to see all the cool critters, day or night.

A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center

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