Learning to swim is an important rite of passage and a skill that everyone should acquire at some point in their lives. Not only is swimming great for physical fitness, but it’s also a lot of fun. Here are some of our top tips for first-timers to help you get comfortable in the water and have an enjoyable swimming experience.

DO – Stay Calm

Whenever you are in the water, it’s important to maintain a calm demeanor. If you allow yourself to panic, it can be difficult to think clearly, making it harder to regain control. Stay in the shallow end until you are comfortable enough with your skills to venture into deeper water. At A-1’s Swim School, we spend a lot of time laying foundational skills for you to draw on when challenging yourself with new skills or in new conditions.

DO – Remember to Breathe

When you first start swimming lessons, your instructor will guide you in proper breathing techniques while swimming. Breathing correctly will help you stay calm and give your muscles the oxygen they need to perform. As you branch out into different swimming strokes, you’ll learn the breathing techniques for each.

DON’T – Expect Too Much from Yourself

Like any other skill, swimming takes practice. Don’t worry if you aren’t progressing as quickly as you had hoped right off the bat. Everyone learns swimming skills at a different pace. Over time, your skills will improve, so give yourself the freedom to progress at your own pace. Pushing yourself will only put you at a higher risk of injury and frustration.

DON’T – Compare Yourself to Other Students

This is a common mistake that many new swimming students make. In any swimming class, there will always be some students that progress faster than others. If you are learning on the slower side, this can be quite frustrating. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in what the other students are doing. Focus on yourself and your own progress.

DO – Have Fun

It is important to remember that learning to swim is meant to be fun. Try not to take yourself too seriously so you can just relax and enjoy the swimming experience.

Here at A1, we work hard to ensure that our swimming lessons are as enjoyable as possible for our students. We take the time to work with each student individually, to ensure that every student is getting the help and guidance they need. We welcome you to get in touch with us to learn more about our swimming lessons for children and adults. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and get you scheduled for your first lesson. Call us today to get started.