Thank you to Dr. Alex Antoniou for his informative and “eye opening” presentation on the decline of our shark population to our A-1 Staff. His message was clear, we must make changes in our general daily behavior to stop the inevitable extinction of this amazing apex predator. The extinction of sharks will ultimately bring the extinction of life in the ocean. With this, there are many ways we can help, here are just a few;

*Support Conservation organizations such as Fins Attached Marine Research and Conservation.
*Join us on one of our research trips. Click here for our upcoming research trip to the Socorro Islands.
*Educate your friends and family on the ways you can help change the perception of sharks.
*Change your own habits and choose fish less often and when choosing fish, make sure it comes from sustainable methods when eating.
*Reach out to local companies and ask them to make changes on selling shark oil, shark cartilage or restaurants that sell shark fin soup or other shark products.

If everyone plays an active role in changing the demand for shark fins and shark products, we can make a difference. Our oceans are in danger, fish are becoming extinct before our very eyes. We must make a CHANGE today!