5 Most Popular Dive Spots

Image Credit: Jukkis/Shutterstocl

Scuba diving is an exciting pastime that gives you the chance to get up close and personal with the wonders of the ocean. As the hobby has grown in popularity, so has the trend of dive tourism, or traveling for the specific purpose of diving at a particular location. Let’s take a look at some of the best scuba diving spots in the world to inspire you for your next trip.


The Philippines is located in what is known as the Coral Triangle and offers some of the most interesting diving in the world. Some of the more popular spots for diving are Puerto Galera on Mindoro Island, Dumaguete on Negros Oriental Island, and diving around Bohol & Cebu. Tubataha is a remote World Heritage site that is only accessible from a live-aboard vessel. In the Philippines, you will find some of the most unique sea creatures in the world, including mimic octopi, cuttlefish, hyperactive skeleton shrimp, and much more. Bring your camera as you will get an excellent underwater variety of photo opportunities; your memory won’t be able to contain all the incredible sights on these dives.


Indonesia is one of the world’s premier diving destinations. The archipelago includes more than 17,000 islands for you to explore, so you’ll find no shortage of spots to check out. Watch out for the densest schools of fish you’ve ever seen near the reefs off the coast of Raja Ampat, and explore a sunken U.S. Liberty-class ship just 25 yards from the shore of Tulamben.


Cozumel is home to the Palancar Horseshoe reef system, and this offers plenty for divers to see. This giant underwater amphitheater is covered in brightly colored coral formations. The currents around the island offer interesting drift diving for beginners and experienced divers. You’ll be rewarded with sights of green moray eels, blue tangs, parrotfish, turtles, and more. It is easy to get to Cozumel from the US and reasonably priced as well.

Cayman Islands

Little Cayman is the smallest of the Cayman Islands, but it packs a big punch in terms of scuba diving. Its dramatic, vertical wall makes for some heart-pumping dives that will thrill you to the core. Look for turtles, reef sharks, and Nassau groupers. Many divers love to cuddle with these large, curious fish when they come by.


Mary’s Place in Roatan, Honduras, is suitable for beginners and experts alike. Those who are new to diving can stay near the top of the steep drop-off, while experienced divers can venture down into the crevice. Black fan coral lines the walls, and giant seahorses, rainbow parrotfish, and white-spotted filefish call the area home.

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