Kelley, plans his perfect marriage proposal to his girlfriend Lorin as they dive the Shark Exhibit at the Downtown Aquarium! He picks her up from work, tells her he has a surprise, “we are diving the Shark Dive at the Downtown Aquarium”. Lorin is beside herself with excitement, (little does she know). Hidden in his BCD pocket is a slate with the words “Lorin…. Will You Marry Me? Kelley”. Up on deck is the ring in a custom made seashell he hopes to be placing on her finger. As family gathers outside the viewing window, dive guide Wendie distracts Lorin so Kelley is able to pull out the slate. Lorin turns around and begins to read. Wendie hands Lorin a separate slate to write her answer. With tears in her eyes, and shaking hands, Lorin doesn’t write “YES”, she writes………….. “FOREVER”! Congratulations to Kelley and Lorin. Here is to a lifetime of wonderful memories and hopefully a lot more exciting scuba dives like this one!