There’s no greater experience than observing the world beneath the waves. Learning to dive doesn’t have to be an overwhelming experience. You can start by taking diver courses to help you create a solid foundation to build off of in later courses. No diver is too advanced or inexperienced to benefit from scuba instruction.

Beginner Basics

Have you ever wanted to scuba dive and never had the opportunity? It’s time to dive in and get some experience. Our beginner diver courses allow you to try out scuba diving at the A-1 aquatic center or the Denver aquarium. You’ll learn the basics of blowing bubbles while practicing flips and tricks to free up your movements and have fun.

We offer beginner-level classes for both adults and children ages 10 and over. These classes are the perfect way to get your feet wet in the world of scuba diving. When you’re ready, you can move on to our more advanced classes.

Continuing Education and Certification

If you have existing diving experience and you wish to build on that foundation, consider signing up for a few of our continuing education courses. We have classes designed to get you back up to speed if you haven’t been in the water for a while. Experience adventure diving at the Denver Aquarium, along with life-saving skills to keep you and your diving companions safe.

After you’ve taken a few diver courses and developed a high level of comfort, you may be ready to become certified. Certification gives you the ability to commit to diving completely. You’ll be considered well-trained enough to dive without an instructor. The quickest way to get certified is to follow our two-step process.

Advanced Skills

One of the best ways to enhance your existing diving skills is to take one of our specialty diver courses. Each class will address a specific area of expertise. We’ll prepare you to tackle a variety of diving conditions and styles:

  • Night Diving
  • Deep Waters
  • Side-mount Diving
  • Self-reliant Diving

We also teach dedicated classes on buoyancy, navigation, and identification of marine life. In addition to diver specialties, you can move on to technical and professional-level courses that include skills like emergency management and life support through CPR. Become a master diver by working through several types of diver courses.

Sign Up for Classes Now

Don’t wait to start building experience in this life-changing pastime. If you’re looking for a scuba experience in Denver or the Rocky Mountain region, we have you covered. We are the place to go for all your scuba needs including rentals, products, excursions, and classes. You can explore all the diver courses we offer and choose the one that’s appropriate for your current skill level. We look forward to diving with you!