The Ladies LIMB359

The photo above speaks for itself as these incredible young ladies from LIMB359, and some of their friends, recently experienced the thrill of diving.  Each participant was beaming from ear to ear as they discovered “the freedom of diving!”  But they’re not the only ones who loved the experience.  Read below and see how empowering their experience was to a very special little 7- year old………

Lynn & Scott  First… HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I am writing to say Thank You to you and to your amazing crew.  Recently one of your videos was shared with me that not only touched my heart but was a huge gift to my 7 year old grandson.  Max was born in China.  He is missing the bottom half of his leg just below the knee, where he only has a little “nub” as he calls it.  He has been a huge gift to all of us.  My daughter Jami and her husband adopted him at the age of  2 years old.  Max is a bright little guy, with a heart of gold.   The video that was shared with me was of divers at A1 who were also missing limbs, and had “nubs” just like Max.  These wonderful ladies proudly displayed their nubs along with an awesome display of their diving skills.  I shared this video with my daughter who in turn showed it to Max.  It was an incredibly wonderful, validating experience for him.  He quickly realized that these divers were “just like him.”   This was his first experience seeing others who looked like him.  There is no way to describe how validating something like this can be, especially for a child.  Just to know he is not the only one who is like this… wow!!   And a full display of how it does not limit him.  I want to express my gratitude to all of you for sharing this.  You showed Max that he is not alone and  at the same time showing him that there are no limitations in nor out of the water.  THANK YOU!!