A-1’s Gas Blender Specialty Course

Why take this course?

Gas Blender

Gas Blender teaches the concepts and skills necessary to safely blend nitrox blends for mixed-gas diving. This is a non-diving program that is open to certified and uncertified divers, and teaches the theory and techniques required to safely blend breathing gases.

What You Will Learn:

  • Assist customers in the best gas selection for any given dive
  • Safely handle oxygen and prepare nitrox and trimix for scuba diving use
  • Determine gas mixing requirements manually and using gas blending software
  • Blend gas mixtures to within 1% of the desired value
  • Properly and accurately analyze the resulting blends


  • Minimum age of 18

What will you be doing?

  • Blend at least two (2) nitrox gas mixtures to within 1% of the desired value
  • Take a written final exam

Course Fee – $250


  • Online digital manual
  • Classroom session
  • SSI Speciaty certification

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