Kevin P.

Role: Retail Specialist, Scuba Instructor, Aquarium Guide

Real Job:  Exploring and learning

Diving Credentials: I found diving later in life but instantly fell in love. Certified 2016/Divemaster 2018/Instructor 2019/Divemaster Instructor 2022

Personal passions: Taking the roads less traveled, and being on or preferably underwater.

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: Traveling, cooking “new to me” foods, hiking, photography and spending time with family.

Favorite Food: corn-fed beef, khao soi curry, kebabs, and nearly any combo of meat and veggies wrapped up like a burrito

Favorite Dive Location: Koh Tao Thailand, Komodo Indonesia, and the stunning caves in Krabi Province Thailand.

Favorite Animals: Octopus, Shrimp and big dogs.