SSI Explorer Program

Join the A-1 Scuba Aqua Team!

What is an Explorer and who can be an A-1/SSI Explorer

Our new A-1/SSI Explorer Program offers numerous aquatic diving activities for children six years and up. The Oceanic Explorer will join Emma and Nico on exciting underwater adventures with their marine friends, Star the starfish, Shelly the sea turtle, and Spike the shark.

All new Explorers begin their Explorer recognitions by completing the required Blue Ocean Explorer and Snorkel Explorer program in our onsite pool.  It gets even better! After completing the Blue Ocean and Snorkeling Explorer ratings the new Explorer, and (1) adult (parent/sibling/guardian) will have the opportunity to see and experience, firsthand, the many cool ocean critters they read about during a snorkeling adventure, at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.  When finished with their Aquarium dive they will have earned their Ray and Fish Identification Ecology Specialties and be awarded the SPECIALTY EXPLORER recognition!  This is currently the ONLY program in the US offering these amazing specialties in an aquarium! Please note:  There is an additional fee for the Explorer Aquarium Snorkel Dive.  

SSI Explorer Program

Once the Blue Oceans Explorer and Snorkel Explorer are completed the participant can complete one or more of the remaining programs (Mermaid, Freediving, and Scuba Explorer) in any order.   In addition, qualified Explorers can participate in a number of really cool Specialty Explorer experiences like Navigation Explorer, Night and Limited Visibility Explorer, Rescue Explorer, Monofin Explorer, Enriched Air Explorer, Perfect Buoyancy Explorer and many more.  And get this, by completing specialties, explorers can earn their Specialty Explorer, Advanced Explorer, and Master Explorer recognitions.

SSI Explorer Prerequisites

SSI Explorer Prerequisites

  • 6+ for Blue Oceans and Snorkel Explorers and 8+ for Scuba Explorers
  • Ability to swim 40ft without swim or buoyancy aids
  • Create a MySSI account for the Child
  • Completion of required SSI documents before the starting date of the course.
  • Please note:  Participants should feel comfortable in the water



  • Active learning sessions and practical applications with an Explorer Instructor 
  • (4) Classroom and Pool Sessions
  • Beautifully designed and colorful workbook that includes diplomas, a cool sticker collection, and logbook  
  • Digital Recognition cards
  • Use of A-1 pool equipment.  We recommend your child have their own mask as all face shapes are different. Ensuring a proper seal will reduce water flooding into the mask and create a more pleasant experience for your child

Not Included:

  • Towel & Swimsuit
  • Snack and Water Bottle
  • Personal Hygiene Items
  • Aquarium Explorer Snorkel Dive and Ecology Specialties

SSI Explorers Required Forms

Required Forms


  • Call for more information
  • This is the first step for your child to Explore the Underwater world
  • Includes:

    • Blue Oceans and Snorkel Explorer (required before continuing to other Explorer programs)
    • (4) Sessions at A-1 – approx. (2) hours per session.
    • The SSI Explorer Manual with logbook and fun stickers
    • Recognition card
    • Profession A-1 Explorer Instructor
    • A fun, practical, and informative learning experience


  • Call for more information
  • For explorers 8-11 who want to start their Scuba Diving Journey and be comfortable and proficient in the water.
  • Includes:

    • Scuba Explorer
    • (4) Sessions at A-1 – approx. (2) hours per session.
    • Recognition card
    • Profession A-1 Explorer Instructor
    • Gobs of fun and informative learning experience

    Note:  This is for children 8-11 years of age


  • Special pricing for a limited time onlyCall for more information
  • Kids get the opportunity to complete two ecology specialties and Snorkel at the Downtown Aquarium for an immersive learning experience.
  • Includes:

    • Snorkeling Experience at the Denver Downtown Aquarium
    • The use of all diving equipment (mask, fins, snorkel, exposure suite, beanie, gloves)
    • (2) Explorer Ecology Specialties (Ray and Fish Identification)
    • Profession A-1 Explorer Instructor/guide
    • (1) aquarium pass (that day) per participant
    • An amazing learning experience

    Note:  This is for children 6-11 years of age