Crossing Over To Become An SSI Pro

The A-1/SSI Crossover

Congratulations on your interest to Crossover and become an SSI Diving Professional. As you already know, there’s nothing more exciting and gratifying than sharing your love of the water and passion for diving with others.

The combined experience of our decades of training thousands of divers, a great team of Instructor Trainers, and state-of-the-art dive center, are unprecedented in the Rocky Mountain Region.

Our Crossover Course objective is to develop an understanding of “Why and How” SSI programs are different, and similar, to your current training organization, help make you feel comfortable and confident enough to begin teaching programs immediately, and generate a high level of enthusiasm for SSI and our many SSI programs.

This program is not intended to retrain you and it is not a test, but an opportunity to familiarize you with the SSI System and Philosophy through a workshop atmosphere. The course is simply an extension of what you learned in your previous leadership training from another recognized training agency. We will continue developing your abilities as a professional dive educator and improve your knowledge of the SSI system of diver education.

SSI Pro Crossover

The following information details the many exciting aspects of our Crossover Course.

What You’ll Learn – Course Overview

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DAY ONE – Academic sections review

DAY TWO – approximately 8 hours

  • Classroom review of water skills
  • Complete the following (in-water) skills
  • Positive Buoyancy at the surface (bobbing)
    • Controlled Ascent
    • Emergency Swimming Ascent
    • Emergency Buoyant Ascent
    • Stationary Air Sharing
    • Neutral Buoyancy – diving position
    • Diver Stress and Rescue Skills (Rescuing an Unconscious diver underwater, on the surface, transporting, and removing them from the water)
  • Complete the remaining academic sections
  • Final exam (50) questions


Administrative Requirements Prior to the Starting Date

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  • Minimum age: 18 years old
  • Must have held an equivalent certification from a recognized training agency.
  • Must meet the minimum certification requirements for the certification being crossed over.
  • 100 logged dives totaling 65 hours or more
  • SSI EANx40 certification or equivalent
  • You will need to show proof of prior agency ratings and student certifications.
    • Prior agency Student Certification report (must be PDF for upload)
    • Prior agency Professional Member Ratings (must be PDF for upload)
  • If the crossover candidate has been inactive with another agency for greater than five (5) years, they must follow the Returning to Active Status standards.
  • The candidate should not be currently involved in a quality compliance case with another training agency.  If they are, they must disclose all information about the case with SSI prior to attending the crossover.
  • Any candidate who has been expelled from another training agency is automatically disqualified from attending an SSI Professional Crossover.

You will need to show proof of being current in the following areas before the Crossover certification can be processed at SSI.  Additionally, these documents will need to be uploaded to the personal MySSI account (see creating your personal MySSI account below).  This will be addressed during the Crossover.

    Note: these documents will be provided by the Instructor Trainer

    • Diver Medical statement signed by a physician (MD or DO) within the past (1) year.
    • Professional Agreement
    • Privacy Policy
    • Responsible Divers Code
    • Recreational Scuba Training Assumption of Risk
    • Dive Professional Crossover Completion Record
    • Pass all requirements and evaluations listed in the instructor manual for the SSI Professional Crossover
    • Successfully pass the 50-question final exam with a minimum score of 90%
    • Diver Medical statement signed by a physician (DO or MD) within the past (1) year.
    • Proof of CPR training within (2) years
    • Proof of First Aid training within (2) years
    • Proof of Oxygen training within (2) years

Open Water Instructors Are Authorized To

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In addition to the programs taught by active status Assistant Instructors, active status Open Water Instructors may teach, supervise and issue certifications for the following programs:

  • Basic Diver
  • Referral Diver
  • Indoor Diver
  • Scuba Diver
  • Open Water Diver
  • Experienced Diver Test
  • Advanced Adventurer
  • Diver Stress & Rescue
  • Enriched Air Nitrox
  • Dive Guide

NOTE: qualified dive pro’s are able to become Aquarium Dive Guides

Course Fee – $750 

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  • Professional classroom/pool instruction
  • SSI Digital Crossover e-kit
    • Digital manual
    • Credentials and Kits for all Specialty Instructor ratings the Instructor is currently actively certified to teach by a recognized Training Agency. This applies to Specialty ratings equivalent to the same SSI Specialty.
      Note: Must complete all sections of the digital Crossover kit before the starting date of the course. 
  • Dive professional basic package
    • Wetnotes
    • Dive Guide Briefing Evaluation Slate
    • SSI Pro Hat
  • Certification processing

Not Included

  • One-time SSI professional fee – $75
  • Professional Liability Insurance – DAN, V&B, etc (will be discussed in class)

For additional information please call us at (303) 789-2450 and ask to speak to someone in our Education Department.