Dive Guide/Divemaster Course

Cutting Edge Dive Guide/Divemaster Course

Are you interested in becoming a diving professional with the skills, knowledge, and experience to lead, supervise and teach others how to be safe and comfortable underwater? If so, our A-1 Dive Guide and Science of Diving Specialty provide the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the SSI Divemaster Recognition.

The combination of our highly qualified Instructor Trainer team, SSI educational materials, amazing facility, and 63 years of experience teaching thousands of eager divers, will assure you’re receiving the very best Divemaster Course there is to offer. Yes, pretty bold, but our results speak loudly and proudly.

The A-1 Divemaster Course includes two SSI courses: DIVE GUIDE and the SCIENCE OF DIVING SPECIALTY. Read on to see all the exciting details about these great courses.

A-1 Divemaster Course


During this course, your personal diving skills will be sharpened to near perfection while you learn the techniques of organization and the supervision of student divers before, during, and after diving. The combination of thought-provoking active learning sessions, self-study, skills training, stamina exercises, problem-solving techniques, evaluations in our swimming pool, and diving at the Denver Downtown Aquarium, will prepare you for the leadership level you’re striving to attain. It’s a serious course designed for the serious diver.


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  • Minimum age: 15 years old. (Must be 18 years old to work as an active status Professional Dive Guide and Divemaster)
  • Emergency training – SSI Diver Stress and Rescue certification or equivalent.
  • Logged at least 40 open water dives totaling 25 hours or more NOTE:  Divemaster certification requires 60 logged dives totaling 40 or more hours
  • Have completed the following specialty programs or provide proof of experience by showing a minimum of five (5) logged experience dives in each of the following areas: Navigation, Night/Limited Visibility, and Deep Diving.  NOTE:  SSI recommends all SSI Dive Professional candidates become certified in Enriched Air Nitrox. 
  • Have a personal MySSI account and MID registration number.
  • Complete and submit various important documents. These will be discussed and provided during the orientation session.

Note: You will be required to have the SSI Diver Medical signed by a physician, along with their MD or DO credentials, prior to processing the Divemaster certification.

Course Completion Requirements

  • Log at least 50 open water (lifetime) dives totaling 32 hours or more.
  • Complete the Water Fitness Evaluation outlined in the SSI Training Standards.
  • Pass all requirements listed in the instructor manual for Dive Guide.
  • Submit a one-time Professional Registration Fee of * $70.00, which will appear on your divessi.com home page as an unpaid item in your shopping cart.
  • Complete the Dive Guide online final exam with a passing score of at least 90%.

Additional Requirements for Completion – Professional Certification Only

Upload the following documents into the My Documents section of your MYSSI account:

  • SSI Medical Statement signed by an M.D or D.O. within one (1) year.
  • Proof of CPR training within two (2) years.
  • Proof of First Aid training within two (2) years.
  • Proof of Oxygen Provider within two (2) years.
  • DAN, or recognized carrier, professional liability insurance documentation

  Note:  Our DAN First Aid/CPR and Oxygen First Aid course includes CPR, First Aid and Oxygen First Aid

What You’ll Learn

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There are six separate sessions in the A-1 Divemaster (Dive Guide and Science of Diving) Course.

  • Orientation session – Introductions, course overview, documentation requirements, and establishing a schedule
  • Academic Classroom Presentations
    • What is a Dive Guide
    • Preparing for the dive
    • Conducting the dive
    • Diving emergencies
    • Snorkeling workshop
    • Science of Diving (review only)
  • Pool Sessions
    • Skills development workshops
    • Water fitness evaluation
    • Practical skills evaluation sessions
    • Practical applications sessions including Dive Briefing, Deep & Night Diving, Dive Guide Evaluation at the Aquarium
    • Diver Stress and Rescue workshop and skills evaluation

Certified Divemasters Are Authorized To

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Those who complete the Dive Guide and Science of Diving courses will be certified as DIVEMASTERS, and eligible to purchase professional liability insurance.  Insured Divemasters are authorized to:

  • Act as a Dive Guide
  • Be a Certified Assistant for all SSI Recreational Courses
  • Assist with OW Training Dives by guiding excursion dives
  • Conduct local diving
  • Conduct non-diving activities
  • Qualify as a Training Specialist for the SSI Specialty Programs including:
    • Marine Ecology
    • Sea Turtle Ecology
    • Shark Ecology
    • Fish Identification
    • Manta and Ray Ecology
    • Coral Identification
  • Once certified, teach the various DAN programs
  • Enroll in the Instructor Training Course (Assistant Instructor and Open Water Instructor)

Necessary Equipment

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You’ll need to own and be equipped with a professional-level Total Diving System during all open water training per SSI Standards:

  • Mask, snorkel & fins
  • Wetsuit
  • BCD with power inflator & weight system
  • Delivery System with primary regulator and alternate air source
  • Information System with SPG and depth gauge
  • Dive computer
  • Compass
  • Cutting device
  • Emergency signaling devices (surface marker buoy (SMB) and audible device)

Note:  Tanks and Weights will be provided.

Inclusions and Exclusions

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  • SSI Dive Guide e-Kit (digital cert card, online training material access, and free updates)
  • SSI Science of Diving e-Kit
  • Dive Guide/Divemaster  Package – SSI Dude-Hat, Buddy Team Briefing Slate, Blue Oceans Collection Bag
  • Classroom Learning Sessions
  • Pool training dives
  • (4) one-hour pool sessions to be used at the participants discretion
  • Use of tanks and weights in the pool and Aquarium
  • Scheduled Aquarium dive


  • SSI (one-time) Pro registration fee (currently $80 to be paid to SSI)
  • Personal diving equipment
  • Surface Marker Buoy (SMB)
  • Professional Liability Insurance
  • Note:  Our DAN First Aid/CPR and Oxygen First Aid course includes CPR, First Aid and Oxygen First Aid

Makeup sessions can be difficult to schedule and are costly, so please attend all scheduled sessions.


Have you ever wondered why colors disappear as you dive deeper or been curious to know what the effects of air and water temperature are on your tank pressure? Why do ships float and rocks sink? How can you learn to relax underwater and extend your diving time? These, and so many more questions will be answered during this self-study course.

The training provided in the SSI Science of Diving program increases your understanding of these topics and provides you with additional information about decompression theory, and the components of your Total Diving System and various accessories.

Our goal is to improve your knowledge of the aquatic environment and the sport of recreational scuba diving and to ensure that you enjoy every aspect of your diving experience.


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  • Minimum age: 10 years old.
  • Be an SSI Referral Diver or higher, or hold an equivalent certification from another recognized certification agency.

What You’ll Learn

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This is predominantly a self-study course.  You’ll read your SSI digital online manual and answer questions pertaining to the reading material at the end of each section.  During the scheduled learning session A-1, your instructor will review key components of the course and answer questions.  Then your instructor will administer a 100 question final exam.

There are five-course sections:

  1. Physics
  2. Physiology
  3. Decompression Theory
  4. Components of the Total Diving System and Accessory Equipment
  5. The Aquatic Environment


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  • Science of Diving Specialty e-Kit
  • SSI Specialty Certification
  • The online course exam

2024 Dates – Please call to register for the FREE orientation (303) 789-2450

  • January/February – Orientation January 4 
  • April/May – Orientation April 4
  • July/August – Orientation July 11
  • October/November – Orientation October 3

Orientation begins at 6 pm.  Course dates will be determined on student availability.

PLEASE NOTE: NO fee is required to attend the orientation but you must call (303) 789-2450 to register you for the orientation. It includes an overview of the course, Q&A, and a discussion of the course schedule.

Course Fee – $770 (includes Dive Guide Course and Science of Diving Specialty)

Divemaster Course
Gain the skills, knowledge and experience to lead, supervise and teach others how to be safe and comfortable underwater.


  • Once you begin using the e-Kits there is no refund.
  • Should you cancel or transfer FOR ANY REASON less than 48 hours before the starting date of the course, all course fees will be forfeited.
  • Should you transfer less than seven days but more than 48 hours before the starting date of the class, there will be a $100 transfer/cancellation fee.