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Become A Divemaster With A-1 Scuba!

Your adventure into the professional levels of recreational scuba diving begins with the PADI Divemaster program. One of A-1’s PADI Staff Instructors will work closely with you to help expand your dive knowledge and hone your skills to those of a diving professional. PADI Divemaster training develops your leadership abilities, qualifying you to supervise dive activities and assist instructors with student divers. PADI Divemaster is the prerequisite certification for both the PADI Assistant Instructor and PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certifications.

Divemaster course

What You’ll Learn

During the course, your personal diving skills will be sharpened to near perfection while you obtain a professional understanding of dive theory, organization and the supervision of students. You’ll learn dive leadership skills through both classroom and independent study, complete water skills and stamina exercises, as well as training exercises that stretch your ability to organize and solve problems. You put this knowledge into action through structured practical training exercises, workshops and assessments. It’s a serious course designed for the serious diver.

The following information will help explain the many exciting aspects of our Divemaster Course

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In order to take this course you will need to meet the following prerequisites

  • 18 years old
  •  PADI Advanced Open Water Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  •  PADI Rescue Diver (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  • Complete an Emergency First Response Primary and Secondary Care Course (or qualifying first aid and CPR training from another organization, such as DAN DEMP) within the past 24 months.
  • Show proof of 40 dives to begin the course and 60 for certification
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician, using this form, Medical Statement (PDF) within the last 12 months
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The Divemaster course is comprised of the following five sections:

Section 1 – Knowledge Development

The Knowledge Development portion of the course develops your familiarity with the many important concepts of diving including: The Role and Characteristics of the PADI Divemaster, Supervising Diving Activities, Assisting with Student Divers, Diver Safety and Risk Management, Divemaster Conducted Programs, Specialized Skills and Activities, The Business of Diving and Your Career, Awareness of the Dive Environment and Dive Theory.

This involves independent study using one of two methods – PADI eLearning or PADI home-study materials

Section 2 – Watermanship Development

This section will evaluate your stamina and develop your skills in the Confined Water to demonstration quality level. It’s a lot of fun and guaranteed to challenge you.

Development skills include:

  • Various stamina exercises
  • Equipment Exchange
  • Dive rescue assessment
  • Dive Skills Workshop (includes the development and assessment of 24 skills)

Section 3 – Five Practical Application Skills

NOTE:  the following must be completed at an open water dive site

  • Dive site set-up and management
  • Mapping project
  • Dive briefing
  • Search and Recovery Scenario
  • Deep Dive scenario

Section 4 – Five Divemaster-Conducted Programs Workshops

  • Workshop 1: ReActivate Program in confined water
  • Workshop 2 :Skin Diver Course and Snorkeling Supervision in confined water
  • Workshop 3: Discover Scuba Diving Program in confined water
  • Workshop 4: Discover Scuba Diving Program – additional open water dive
  • Workshop 5: Discover Local Diving in open water

Section 5 – Four Practical Assessments

  • Practical Assessment 1 – Open Water Diver student in Confined Water
    You’ll have an opportunity to complete this assessment during one of our regularly scheduled beginner courses
  • Practical Assessment 2 – Open Water Diver student in Open Water
    You’ll have an opportunity to complete this assessment during a training dive at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.
  • Practical Assessment 3 – Continuing Education student in Open Water
    You’ll have an opportunity to complete this assessment during one of our Adventure Diver or Specialty Courses at the Downtown Aquarium.
  • Practical Assessment 4 – Certified Divers in Open Water.
    You’ll have an opportunity to complete this assessment during one of our programs at the Denver Downtown Aquarium

Note: There is a separate fee for completing Practical Assessments 2-4 at the Denver Downtown Aquarium

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Divemaster candidates must meet the following certification requirements

  • Complete knowledge development segments using either PADI eLearning or PADI home-study materials, complete all of the chapter Knowledge Reviews in the PADI Divemaster Manual and take two PADI Divemaster exams – 1) addressing aspects of supervision and leadership 2) addressing dive theory)
    Note: Exam two (addressing dive theory) is not required for those who complete the Optional Dive Theory Online (see below)
  • Create an Emergency Assistance Plan for a designated dive site
  • Complete stamina and waterskills exercises (confined water)
  • Complete a diver rescue assessment (confined water)
  • Complete the dive skills workshop (24 skills) and assessment (confined water)
  • Complete practical application skills (open water)
  • Complete divemaster-conducted programs workshops (confined and open water)
  • Complete practical assessments (confined and open water)
  • Meet professionalism criteria

At time of certification, you must:

  • Show proof of at least 60 logged scuba dives, including experience in night diving, deep diving and underwater navigation. Note: you only need proof of 40-logged dives to enroll in the course (see prerequisites above)
  • Have completed EFR Primary and Secondary Care (or equivalent) training within 24 months (see prerequisites above)
  • Have read and agreed to the PADI Membership and License Agreement.
  • Complete and submit a PADI Divemaster Application along with the $122 fee

Divemasters Are Able To:

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After becoming certified as a PADI Divemaster, you'll be authorized to:

  • Supervise both training and non-training-related activities by planning, organizing and directing dives
  • Assist a PADI Instructor during the training sessions for any PADI Diver course
  • Conduct the PADI Skin Diver course and PADI Discover Snorkeling program
  • Conduct the PADI Discover Local Diving experience
  • Conduct the PADI Scuba Review program
  • If qualified as a Discover Scuba Diving Leader, independently conduct the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program.
  • Earn the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Specialty Instructor rating to be able to teach the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer specialty.
  • Independently guide Open Water Diver course students on the tour portion of Open Water Diver course Training Dives 2, 3 and 4 at a ratio of two student divers per certified divemaster.
  • Accompany Open Water Diver students under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor during:
    surface swims to and from the entry/exit point and during navigational exercises
    when the instructor conducts a skill, such as an ascent or descent, a Divemaster can remain with other student divers (with an individual student or buddy team)
  • Accompany student divers during Adventure Dives or Specialty training dives under the indirect supervision of a PADI Instructor.
  • Conduct the PADI Seal Team Skin Diver Specialist Aqua Mission
  • Conduct subsequent dives under an instructor's indirect supervision for Discover Scuba Diving participants after participants have satisfactorily completed the first dive with a PADI Instructor.
  • Teach Emergency First Response courses after successfully completing an Emergency First Response Instructor course.

Course Fee – $450

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  • Classroom sessions
  • Pool training dives
  • Use of tanks and weights
  • A-1 Crew shirt


PLEASE NOTE: makeup sessions can be difficult to schedule and are costly, so please attend all scheduled sessions

Forms and Policies

Download and bring the following (completed) forms to your first class session

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Optional Dive Theory Online

Dive Theory Online provides an excellent opportunity for you to refresh and refine your dive theory knowledge.

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The more fluent you are with dive theory, the more easily you can diagnose a problem, because you better grasp the underlying causes. Chapter nine expands on the dive theory knowledge you acquired since your first scuba course. You’ll apply this information during the Practical Application Exercises and various workshops mentioned previously.

Dive Theory Online provides an excellent opportunity for you to refresh and refine your dive theory knowledge.

Important Note: By completing Dive Theory Online, you will not be required to take the Part II (Dive Theory) exam. There is a separate $136 fee for this OPTIONAL service, paid to PADI.

If you plan to continue your education and attend the PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) and the PADI IE (Instructor Exam), you will once again be evaluated on your knowledge of these topics. The Dive Theory Online provides an excellent opportunity for you to refresh and refine your dive theory knowledge.

To purchase the Dive Theory Online, follow these easy steps:

  • Visit www.padi.com/elearning, choose Dive Theory from the drop down menu and click on “Start Today”
  • Create an account if you have never taken a PADI eLearning course before
  • Fill out credit card information for your purchase
  • Begin the Dive Theory Online course


You’ll need to provide your own: Mask, Snorkel, Fins, BCD, Low Pressure Inflator, Regulator, Alternate Air Source, SPG, Weight System, Compass, Emergency Signaling Devices, Slates, Exposure Suit, Timing Device, Depth Gauge and Divers Tool. Tanks and Weights will be provided.

Future Orientation Dates

Note:  NO fee is required to attend the orientation.  It will begin at 6pm and includes an overview of the course, discussion of future dates and an overview of the course content.  

Dates TBA

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