DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IQC)
Diving First Aid for Professionals

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DAN Instructor Qualification Course – Diving First Aid for Professional Divers

DAN DFA Pro Instructor is our most comprehensive program that provides the flexibility to meet your student’s goals. Upon completing this course, you will be qualified to teach every DAN Provider Course:

  • Basic Life Support – CPR & First Aid (BLS: CPR & FA)
  • Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries (EO2)
  • Diving First Aid for the Professional (DFA Pro)

During the course, you’ll learn how to provide role-model demonstrations for each of the key skills included in each provider-level course as well as demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the associated course standards.


  • 18 years of age (per scuba industry dive leader standards)
  • Current dive professional credential (Divemaster, or above) with a recognized training agency
  • Registered as a Professional Member with DAN

IQC Course Elements

1. CORE Part 1 (completed through self-study online prior to attending the IQC)

Topics Include:

    • DAN mission statement
    • First Aid course description
    • Overview of DAN
    • Becoming a DAN Instructor
    • DAN training methodology
    • Role of a DAN instructor
    • Ethics, QA, and the use of DAN logos
    • DAN training programs
    • General S&P overview

Note: The online CORE Part 1 Module must be completed no more than 60 days prior to the start of the Instructor Qualification Course.

2. CORE Part 2 (classroom session)

The instructor training will address the following topics

Topics Include:

    • Accessing and managing DAN courses
    • Marketing DAN courses
    • Skills workshop
    • Steps to teach the courses
    • Skill teaching presentations

3. Program Modules

Topics Include:

    • Review of course-specific standards
    • Review of the knowledge, content with emphasis points, and teaching tips
    • Review of the skills included in the course with emphasis points and teaching tips

4. Skill Workshop

Learn to further develop role-model demonstrations and best practices

5. Teaching Presentations

Complete at least one successful skill presentation for each of the (3) modules

Course Fee – $650


  • All classroom training sessions (five evenings)
  • Use of CPR Mannequins, Oxygen kits, splinting and bandaging materials, and first aid equipment
  • DFA Pro Student Kit (slates, non-rebreather mask, latex gloves, DAN oronasal resuscitation mask)
  • DAN Instructor Application Processing Fee ($25 each totaling $75)

2024 Dates – TBT

PLEASE NOTE: If you have any questions about this program, or would like to enroll, please call (303) 789-2450.