Diving in unknown waters can be very thrilling. The diversity of marine life and coral one encounters is astounding, and different parts of the world present different species. For divers who have fallen in love with the experience and want to further educate themselves with the underworld may want to take the Eco Diver Specialty Program. This program focuses on various creatures one finds deep under the water’s surface.


Aspects of the Course

The ecology program is one of the SSI specialty courses offered by A-1 Scuba. The program consists of four different parts, in which you will learn advanced knowledge of sea creatures and improve your diving skills. The four manuals included in the course are:

  • Shark Ecology – Many people are afraid of sharks, but this part of the course may dispel many of the fears. Participants will learn the different behaviors of sharks and how they are often misinterpreted. You will learn that, in the right circumstances, you can observe them in their habitats in a safe manner. You will learn how to identify different types of sharks by specific characteristics and how to record body sizes, from small sharks to large ones.
  • Fish Identification – The ocean contains a wealth of fascinating fish of every color, size, and shape. You will learn how to identify common species of fish that live in different parts of the world. You will also discover how to record the shapes and sizes of fish as well as the quantity of a sighting. Since the course is held at the Denver Aquarium, you will be able to observe many of the species you are learning about.
  • Sea Turtle Ecology – During this part of the course, you will learn how to acknowledge and identify sea turtle species. You will discover their history, their behavior, and how they play a role in keeping the marine ecosystems running efficiently. Most sea turtle species are endangered, and you will find out about some of the threats, such as climate change, ocean pollution, illegal poaching, marine debris, and coastal development, to their survival.
  • Coral Identification – For many divers, the most beautiful underwater scenes are due to coral reefs. As the building blocks of many of the sea ecosystems, coral reefs are fascinating and fun to look at. There are many different species of coral, and this SSI training will help you identify many of them. Coral reefs are also disappearing at an alarming rate, so you will learn what is causing their destruction and what can be done to slow their demise.


What the Course Includes

The only prerequisite is to be a certified open water diver from any recognized training organization. The ecology course includes digital manuals for the four courses, professional instructor, cage dive in the Shark Tank exhibit and a scuba dive in the Under The Sea exhibit and four unique SSI Specialties. You receive one dive as part of the program, and it takes place at the Denver Downtown Aquarium.

In addition, the course includes the use of a tank, regulator, BCD, exposure suit, gauges, beanie and gloves, and you will receive a celebratory t-shirt at the end of the course. Participants must provide their own fins, mask, booties, dive slate, parking fee, swimsuit, and personal hygiene items.


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Scuba diving and exploring underwater ecosystems around the world is a passion for those who dive SSI. Enhance your experience by learning more about ocean ecology. Being able to identify marine life and understanding different behaviors makes any diving experience that much more enjoyable. A-1 Scuba offers a comprehensive ecology course that improves one’s ability to recognize a variety of underwater life. Expand your knowledge and enjoyment by taking part in this specialty program. Contact A-1 Scuba for more information.

Image Credit: Shutterstock By Irina Markova