Try Scuba Diving at A-1 Scuba


Ever since you can remember you’ve wanted to try scuba diving, right?

Must be at least 10 years old for our Try Scuba Diving Experience

Class start times:

  • A group 6:00PM
  • B group 7:30pm

Please select the A group class first, if it is full you may then select the B group.


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Full class details can he found HERE

PLEASE NOTE: All A group classes are filled first.  If you sign up for the B group before the A group is full A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center reserves the right to transfer you into the A group.

In order to receive the online Try Scuba material, each student signing up for the class must create a separate MySSI account

Important: Please be sure to read our “Terms & Conditions” for cancellation or transfer policy.



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Jul 2, 2019 group A, Jul 2, 2019 group B, Jul 20, 2019 group A, Jul 20, 2019 group B, Aug 7, 2019 group A, Aug 7, 2019 group B, Aug 24, 2019 group A, Aug 24, 2019 group B, Sept 4, 2019 group A, Sept 4, 2019 group B, Sept 21, 2019 group A, Sept 21, 2019 group B, Oct 2, 2019 group A, Oct 2, 2019 group B, Oct 19, 2019 group A, Oct 19, 2019 group B, Nov 6, 2019 group A, Nov 6, 2019 group B, Nov 23, 2019 group A, Nov 23, 2019 group B, Dec 4, 2019 group A, Dec 4, 2019 group B, Dec 21, 2019 group A, Dec 21, 2019 group B