Denver Aquarium Shark Cage Experience


This program is offered Saturdays & Sundays at 11:15 a.m.  Arrival time: 11:00 (A group) and 12:30pm Arrival time 12:15 (B group)

Persons with disabilities will be accommodated by the best possible means. Some special needs participate may require trained assistants. Please let us know in advance how we can be of help? For special needs questions, please call (303) 789-2450.


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Our A-1 guides will help get you ready for an adventure of a lifetime.  You’ll be fitted with the proper equipment, learn the basics of breathing from a surface-supplied regulator and guided into a large underwater cage in the Aquarium “Shipwreck” exhibit.

Important Information

  • For ages 8 and above
  • No prior diving experience nor certification required
  • Dive time: approximately 20 minutes underwater
  • Must be in good health and complete a liability release (could link to it here)
  • The dimensions of the cage are: 10′ long x 4′ deep by 8′ tall

PLEASE NOTE: All “A” group classes are filled first.  If you sign up for the “Bgroup before the “A” group is full A-1 Scuba & Travel Aquatics Center reserves the right to transfer you into the “A” group.  This also applies when signing up for the “C” group if there is space for you or your group in the “A” or “B” group.

Important: Please be sure to read our “Terms & Conditions” for cancellation or transfer policy.


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