Full foot versus open heel?

The majority of divers use an open heel fin which are designed to be worn with a bootie. Open heel fins are versatile because they can be used for boat diving, but are also really useful in shore diving. In shore diving, walking along the shore in bare feet with a heavy tank on your back can hurt your feet. If you are using an open heel fin you will have a bootie on to protect your feet from rocks and other sharp objects.

Full foot fins tend to be less expensive than open heal fins and less bulky, but make sure they fit or the improper fit will cause blisters. Full foot fins are good for snorkeling or diving and they are generally more light weight than an open heel fin. The full foot fin is ideal for boat diving in situations when you are not walking with gear on your back when boots would be necessary. Full foot fins are not usually designed to be worn with a bootie but in some cases we do recommend a lightweight sock.

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