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Become A CPR & First Aid Instructor

DAN CPR and First AidUpon completing this program you will be qualified to teach the DAN Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid Provider Course.

During the course, you’ll learn how to provide role-model demonstrations for each component as well as exhibit a thorough knowledge of the associated course standards.

Course Content

1. Complete DAN Core Online

To access the Core Module Online, go to the DAN America website. Select “Begin the Core Module Online” at the bottom of the page. Proceed through the module, reading the directions, and answering the questions. You may Save and Exit at any time. To return to where you left off, simply follow the link and then select the Login Button on the entrance screen.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of DAN
  • Becoming a DAN Instructor
  • DAN training methodology
  • Role of a DAN instructor
  • Ethics, QA, and the use of DAN logos
  • DAN training programs
  • General S&P overview
  • DAN Provider Award

Note: The online Core Module must be completed no more than 60 days prior to the start of the Instructor Qualification Course.

2. DAN Mini Core

The instructor training will address the following topics during the Mini Core segment.

Topics Include:

  • DAN Training Methodology
  • Instructor materials
  • Administrative procedures
  • Instructor resources
  • Marketing DAN courses
  • Good Samaritan laws
  • Disease transmission
  • Steps to teach the course

3. Basic Life Support: CPR & First Aid

You’ll learn the DAN five-point process used to teach the DAN BLS: CPR & First Aid Provider Course

Course Fee – $350


  • All classroom training (one day)
  • Use of CPR Mannequins, AED Trainer units, splinting and bandaging materials, gloves, and first aid equipment
  • BLS-FA Student Kit (slate, gloves, DAN oronasal resuscitation mask)
  • DAN Instructor Application Processing Fee for BLS-FA

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