Role at A-1: Scuba Instructor

Real Job: My brother said “I have never had a real job.”  As a travel agent working in California and Colorado for over 14 years, I was able to travel to 6 out of 7 continents.  As an Instructor for 10 years, I dove almost every day in Hawaii.  I have enjoyed  traveling and it has been very rewarding. I love having excited clients returning from their vacations and sharing all the fantastic memories they experienced with me. It makes my day.

Diving Credentials: Master Scuba Diver Trainer and CPR Instructor (with only one leg, I lost 1 leg below the knee in a motor cycle accident while in my twenties) Spent 10 years teaching diving in Hawaii on the island of Maui and certified over 400 divers.

Personal Passions: Helping  people have experiences of a lifetime – like showing a diver a turtle  underwater for the first time or someone returning from vacation and sharing all the fantastic memories they experienced with me.

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: Disc Golf, White Water Rafting, Softball, Travel, Snow Skiing, Billiards,  Photography, and Watching College Football.  GBR – Nebraska!

Favorite Food:  Meat and Taters … I grew up in Nebraska

Favorite Dive Location:  That is a hard question for me – for a long time, I thought Palau was awesome until I dove the Philippine’s.  I saw more new species of fish then I had ever seen before and the variety of soft coral color’s were amazing. It was a mind blowing experience.  Another love of mine is  wreck diving.  I’ve had the opportunity to see a Sherman tank underwater,  swim a lap on the deck of an old cruise ship 100ft underwater and I found a WWII Corsair off the coast of California.  Ask me next year and my answer might change!