Diving Credentials: Divemaster

Years of diving: Joe has been certified since the year 2000.

Personal passions: Joe loves his wife Kathy who is an expert diver, his kids, grandkids, and dog Chester.

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: Joe is retired and does part-time teaching for Colorado Community Colleges Online. He loves long distance running and does a marathon each year. His Dog Chester is his favorite running partner and is great at the Dock Dogs “Big Air” competition. Joe is a beekeeper and plays tennis and golf.

Favorite food: Pizza and ice cream. More ice cream please!

Favorite Dive Location: Joe and Kathy go to Cozumel each year. It’s the best. But he has also dived Lake Pueblo, Vancouver Island, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, and many other locations. A thrill was abalone free diving at Fort Bragg, CA.