Role: Instructor

Diving Credentials: I have been a PADI certified diver since 2003. I am now a Divemaster, and plan to keep learning and improving my skills.

Personal passion: Diving…of course! I love improving my diving skills and knowledge. There’s a long list of additional training I would like to do, and a lifetime of great destinations to visit!

Non-Diving Activities: I enjoy spending time outdoors; anywhere from a tropical beach to a 14’er. I hike, snowboard, sail, and fly fish, I really enjoy learning new things, and trying new activities.

Favorite Food: Anything I haven’t already tried! I love trying new foods, and rarely meet a meal I don’t enjoy. I can’t pick one favorite, but my top choices are sushi, Indian, and Cuban.

Favorite Dive Location: The British Virgin Islands. The BVI’s were great because I could combine two hobbies: sailing and scuba. There’s a great freedom in being able to rent a sailboat and go where ever I want to go. Wreck dive sounds like fun? We can sail to the Wreck of the Rhone. Afternoon snorkeling session? Set sail for The Baths on the west coast of Virgin Gorda!