Role at A-1: Instructor

Real Job: Pilot

Diving Credentials: I’ve been a certified diver since 2003. I’m an SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor. I’m certified to teach the following specialties: Basic and Advanced Wreck, Sidemount, Self-reliant Diver, Drysuit, Nitrox, Deep, Navigation, Night, Buoyancy, Altitude, and Boat.

Personal Passions: Diving…of course! I have gravitated towards the more technical side of scuba diving. When I’m not instructing, most of my recent diving energy has been directed to decompression dives and overhead environments (caves and shipwrecks). Soon, I will also be playing with my newest obsession; a closed-circuit rebreather.

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: I enjoy spending time outdoors; anywhere from a tropical beach to a 14’er. I hike, snowboard, sail, and fly fish, I really enjoy learning new things, and trying new activities.

Favorite Food: Anything I haven’t already tried! I love trying new foods, and rarely meet a meal I don’t enjoy. I can’t pick one favorite, but my top choices are sushi, Indian, and Cuban.

Favorite Dive Location: All over Florida! No, it’s not an exotic destination, but it’s close, affordable, and has all types of diving. Looking for some shipwrecks to dive? The Southern Florida area has an amazing collection of wrecks for all levels of diver. In the mood for a cave dive? North Florida is home to some of the most famous cave diving in the world! Easy shore dive? Blue Heron Bridge. Reefs? John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park.