Role at A-1:  Dive Guide at the Downtown Aquarium, Service Technician, Scuba Instructor

Real Job: Teaching diving is real for me!!
I retired from a career as parole officer in 2005.
I must say I like this better, I haven’t had to handcuff a diving student yet!

Diving Credentials: SSI Instructor, Master Scuba Diver Trainer, Digital Underwater Photography Instructor, Mind Body and Spirit Diver

Personal Passions:  I love to travel – and anything to do with the water.

Favorite Non-Diving Activities: My passion for the water extends to Windsurfing. I also enjoy Cycling and Skiing.

Favorite Food: Whatever the local fare happens to be!

Favorite Dive Location:  Bonaire for the easy shore diving and it’s a quick drive over to Lac Bay for some afternoon Windsurfing!